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HBIC Nation Podcast November 2018

Content marketing-- wait? What exactly does that mean? What content are we marketing? Are we now just using “content” as a super generic synonym for “art”?

If you’re not familiar with the concept, the mere mention of content marketing can cause confusion. Fear not! We’re clearing all that up for you this month.

Essentially content marketing involves intentionally drawing people to your art without you having the scream “BUY THE THING I MADE” at the top of your lungs all the time. We start the podcast off with a comprehensive explanation of what exactly content marketing is and two specific ways to approach it, before diving into specific examples of how Lindsay, Julia, and Alexis are currently using these techniques…

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HBIC Nation Podcast October 2018

Since it’s October, the month of all things ghoulish and ghostly it seemed appropriate to tackle a super scary topic, which means we’re talking about [cue foreboding organ music] MARKETING. That’s right-- getting out there, finding people who like your art, and making a sale-- things we know can cause creatives some trepidation.

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