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HBIC Nation Podcast October 2018

Since it’s October, the month of all things ghoulish and ghostly it seemed appropriate to tackle a super scary topic, which means we’re talking about [cue foreboding organ music] MARKETING. That’s right-- getting out there, finding people who like your art, and making a sale-- things we know can cause creatives some trepidation.

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HBIC Nation Podcast August 2018

Our summer episode kicks off with Alexandra and Laura singing, just for fun and in perfect harmony, in a way that can only be accomplished when they’re in the same room together. Which they were, because this episode was recorded during a few quiet moments during the Romance Writers of America national conference last month.

We think of the conference as our “Romance New Year.” Not only because we dress up for a fancy dance party and drink champagne, but also because we leave energized and inspired, making it feel like a natural time to reflect on our progress toward goals we set earlier in the year. But you certainly don’t have to write romance (or write at all) to stage your own creative reset. All it requires is setting aside some time to think about things like whether your actions are in harmony with that big goal you are working toward? Are you having fun? Did you set too many goals at the beginning of the year? Are your goals really dreams?

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