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HBIC Nation Podcast May 2018

You know how magazines do those super-fun giant double issues that span two months? Well, this is our version of that here at HBIC Nation-- our April/May podcast! Think of if as our version of the Giant Summer Fashion issue, except about networking instead of sultry summer dresses (though one of those makes an appearance too, if you listen closely).

This episode is super special because it was recorded in Boston, just before the NECRWA conference, when four of the founding members were all together in the same location! Only when four or more HBICs are gathered together in one place can true magic be made …

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HBIC Nation Podcast March 2018

We’ll be honest this isn’t the easiest topic to talk about. But that’s probably because people don’t talk about it. How do we make that better? You guessed it-- by talking about it. So that’s what we did this month.

We’re sharing practical tips (from personal experience, none of us are financial advisors) and budgeting apps we love, but we’re also talking about broader concepts like your thoughts about money and the energy this puts into the world. Oh, and we call bullshit on the starving artist story that it can be oh so tempting to buy into (hint: HBICs don’t starve).

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