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HBIC Nation Podcast June 2019

The one where Alexis and Lindsay discuss the Secrets of Newsletters

Summer Short #1: Back to the Future with Newsletters

This summer we’re bringing you a series of short podcasts that share some key strategies, thoughts and tips/tricks on topics we’ve been feeling passionate about lately. Many of these will be snippets of things that HBICs attending the Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference in July will have a chance to explore further in sessions we’re leading. However, even if we won’t see you in New York this summer, we promise you’ll gain insights from these shorts.

Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they aren’t mighty.

Out first summer short is a conversation between Lindsay Emory and Alexis Anne about newsletters. They start by explaining why going back in time to use old school email might be even more important than your awesome Facebook page and that witty Twitter banter you’ve cultivated. Alexis shares what she’s learned about refining her content, creating value for her readers, and why she doesn’t stress about a few unsubscribes. While there is certainly no universal secret sauce to newsletters, this episode will help you experiment with making your newsletter something your readers are excited to see in their inbox.

And finally, here are links to all the things:

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Thanks for listening! Go forth and Dream. Do. Dominate.

Go forth and Dream. Do. Dominate.

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