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HBIC Nation Podcast June 2019 RWA Preview!

The one where Laura & Lindsay discuss their RWA Nationals podcast workshop

Summer Short #2: Five Things We Wish We had Known About Podcasting

In the second of our Summer Shorts, Laura von Holt and Lindsay Emory sit down to talk about the five things they wish someone had told them before they started their podcasts. This mini-sode (as Linsday calls it) is packed with amazing advice that will help you feel confident and ready to share your beautiful voice with the world.

here are links to all the things:

If you are attending the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Conference this year-- learn more from Lindsay and Laura, as well as Sarah MacLean (Fated Mates podcast) and Jenny Nordbak (Wicked Wallflowers) during their panel, Perfecting the Podcast (Thursday, July 25, at 9:45am).

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