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HBIC Nation Podcast March 2018

Real HBIC Money Talk: Pounds, Dollars, and SenseWe’re wrapping up March Money Madness here at HBIC Nation!

We’ll be honest this isn’t the easiest topic to talk about. But that’s probably because people don’t talk about it. How do we make that better? You guessed it-- by talking about it. So that’s what we did this month.

We’re sharing practical tips (from personal experience, none of us are financial advisors) and budgeting apps we love, but we’re also talking about broader concepts like your thoughts about money and the energy this puts into the world. Oh, and we call bullshit on the starving artist story that it can be oh so tempting to buy into (hint: HBICs don’t starve).

Here are the apps and resources we mentioned in the show:

This podcast isn’t meant to be the end of the money conversation. It’s a catalyst for you to go forward and put your own words about money out into the world. Not sure where to start? We’d love to chat over on our Facebook page. (And don’t forget you can also find us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.)

Thanks for listening!

Go forth and Dream. Do. Dominate.

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