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HBIC Nation Podcast May 2018

Networking: How to Break the Ice, Follow-up, and Fake It Like an HBIC! (Role-play, that is.)

You know how magazines do those super-fun giant double issues that span two months? Well, this is our version of that here at HBIC Nation-- our April/May podcast! Think of if as our version of the Giant Summer Fashion issue, except about networking instead of sultry summer dresses (though one of those makes an appearance too, if you listen closely).

This episode is super special because it was recorded in Boston, just before the NECRWA conference, when four of the founding members were all together in the same location! Only when four or more HBICs are gathered together in one place can true magic be made (more on that, momentarily).

We cover some networking basics, like what to say to that person you just walked up to in a crowded room, and what it means to “network up” versus network with peers. We dig a little deeper into how to align yourself with connectors who can help make introductions, how to gracefully exit from a conversation, and how to effectively follow up with new connections.

And then there’s the magical part… the ROLE PLAY. That’s right, at about 32 minutes into the show Alexandra leads the group in a mock networking scenario that will henceforth leave us calling Julia Perpetua Winterborne forever more. It’s pure fairy dust unicorn breath magic. And you MUST listen.

Here are the links we mentioned in the show:

After you listen, we’d love to know what you think. Feel free to join us on Facebook to ask questions or share your own experiences with networking. We won’t make you role play, we promise (or if we do, we’ll give you THE best stage name ever). Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

Go forth and Dream. Do. Dominate.

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