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HBIC Nation Podcast October 2018

Knowing Your Market: HBIC Hacks, Creative Snowflakes, and Tough Love…

Since it’s October, the month of all things ghoulish and ghostly it seemed appropriate to tackle a super scary topic, which means we’re talking about [cue foreboding organ music] MARKETING. That’s right-- getting out there, finding people who like your art, and making a sale-- things we know can cause creatives some trepidation.

But here’s the thing, if you want to make money you’ve got to find the people who want to buy that thing you make as much a trick-or-treater wants a full size candy bar. So we’re sharing lots of tips and tricks for getting started on this process: including getting clear about your ideal customer (in an inspired segment we’ll call “What Would Laura Buy”), hacks for researching your corner of the market, the benefits of tapping into that micro-market, and how to adjust your marketing if you don’t see what your selling “trending.”

We also learn Lindsay’s dirty little secret, Laura talks about bras, and Julia has got all the best tough love everyone needs to hear about the absolute necessity of marketing if one intends to make money.

All treats. No tricks.

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Go forth and Dream. Do. Dominate.

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