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HBIC Nation Podcast February 2018

It's all about connections...

Our show this month starts with an Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday worthy sermon from Laura about the importance of finding your “why” in order to connect with people who will love the things you create and support your business. She reminds us that as creatives, we are master storytellers and that marketing is really just an extension of our creativity. She also issues a staunch warning against falling prey to the advice of “dudebro-preneurs."

Preach on.

While ultimately connection is about growing our businesses and making sales, here at HBIC Nation we wholeheartedly believe that connecting with your audience doesn’t have to be gimmicky or inauthentic. This show is full of practical tips about how to make those connections.

We start by dissecting Julia’s recent newsletter as an example of how to use your “why” as the driving force behind engaging content. Then Lindsay shares her take-away from a Tim Ferris podcast about cultivating the “intense few” followers instead of pursuing the masses (aka: not trying to sell your women’s fiction to everyone with a uterus). Alexandra drops wisdom about how to be authentic and maintain your privacy, and Alexis shares her journey toward learning how to make amazing connections as an introvert.

We also laugh a lot. Because uteruses. And dudebros.

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Here are the examples and resources we mentioned in the show:


If you’ve decided that podcasting might be exactly the right tool for you to use to start cultivating connections, just a reminder to check out our Five Step Guide to Podcasting for Authors & Creatives.

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