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So You've Attended a Professional Conference...Now What?

If you grabbed a copy of our free Conference Survival Guide, you know that we provided you with some awesome tools to make the most of your networking during and after conference. But what if you want more? 

What if you're a little frozen with all the possibilities presented during your week away? What if you have some killer ideas but don't quite know where to start?

Enter our Post-Con Workbook...

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HBIC Nation Merit Badges

HBICs are often so busy building empires, we forget to celebrate our victories--large and small. That's where the HBIC Merit Badges come in. 

Earn one by being an #EverydayHBIC + share it with your friends and fans. Or recognize a fellow HBIC's good work and share it with them. 

We've created a repository of over thirty Merit Badges for you...

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