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Everything You Need to Survive The RWA (Or Any) Conference

Everything You Need to Survive The RWA (Or Any) Conference

HBIC Nation loves a conference! It’s a great chance to reconnect with your colleagues and your creativity. In fact, we’ve marked each annual RWA conference as “Creative New Year” - a chance to review and reset our creative goals. While we annually meet up at RWA Nationals, we’ve also attended many kinds of national and regional cons. We’ve learned a lot about getting the most mileage out of your conference. Behold, a compendium of blogs, videos, podcasts and guides for all your conference needs.

HBIC Nation Guides:

HBIC Nation Conference Guide: Tips and Exercises to Get the Most Out of Your Conference Experience


Post-Con Workbook: Planning, Goal-Setting and Post-Con Debriefing.


HBIC NATION Podcast Episodes:

Creative New Year: https://hbicnation.com/podcast-episodes/2018/3/29/setting-goals-and-drinking-champagne

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First Draught Episodes (Julia Kelly, Alexis Anne, Mary Chris Escobar and special guests)

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