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Everything You Need to Survive The RWA (Or Any) Conference

Everything You Need to Survive The RWA (Or Any) Conference

HBIC Nation loves a conference! It’s a great chance to reconnect with your colleagues and your creativity. In fact, we’ve marked each annual RWA conference as “Creative New Year” - a chance to review and reset our creative goals. While we annually meet up at RWA Nationals, we’ve also attended many kinds of national and regional cons. We’ve learned a lot about getting the most mileage out of your conference. Behold, a compendium of blogs, videos, podcasts and guides for all your conference needs.

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Five Step Guide to Podcasting for Authors and Creatives

You’ve got a voice and the world needs to hear it!

You've been asking for it, HBICs, and we've heard you. Here is our quick-start guide to podcasting so you can Dream. Do. Dominate. on the airwaves!

HBIC Nation’s 5 Step Guide To Podcasting for Authors and Creatives is available as a free download and covers questions (and answers!) for podcasting neophytes in these five key areas: vision, content, hardware + software, distribution, & marketing + release.

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HBIC Nation Book Club: Braving the Wilderness

Seasons are changing, but our HBIC Book Club picks continue to be totally badass. Our third pick was an overwhelming HBIC favorite in the vote. 

So let's all grab a copy of Brené Brown's Braving the Wilderness

Your mission: Read this book, take notes, and grab a PSL or alternate autumnal beverage for our book club chat. You are also encouraged to discuss the book on the FB event page or in the main group...as you read it. (Spoiler alert: I think this is going to blow our minds.)

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So You've Attended a Professional Conference...Now What?

If you grabbed a copy of our free Conference Survival Guide, you know that we provided you with some awesome tools to make the most of your networking during and after conference. But what if you want more? 

What if you're a little frozen with all the possibilities presented during your week away? What if you have some killer ideas but don't quite know where to start?

Enter our Post-Con Workbook...

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HBIC Nation Book Club: The Art of Asking

Our second pick for HBIC Nation Book Club comes from co-founder Laura von Holt (though Alexis Anne and Mary Chris Escobar have well-loved and well-highlighted copies on their shelves). 

From Laura: To be an effective HBIC, we have to ask for what we want, and for help in accomplishing all of our goals. We've picked this book so we can help each other tackle the emotional, philosophical, and practical aspects of THE ART OF ASKING. Let's help each other get stuff done!

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Conference Survival Guide

Planning to attend a professional conference? Whether you're a first-timer or a veteran attendee, the Conference Survival Guide has been designed to help you approach the conference in true HBIC style. 

Full of tips to help you plan, pitfalls to avoid during the conference, and ways to beat the post-con blues (plus bonus, action-driven exercises to whip your Empire Building Strategies into shape), the CSG is a must-read...

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HBIC Nation Merit Badges

HBICs are often so busy building empires, we forget to celebrate our victories--large and small. That's where the HBIC Merit Badges come in. 

Earn one by being an #EverydayHBIC + share it with your friends and fans. Or recognize a fellow HBIC's good work and share it with them. 

We've created a repository of over thirty Merit Badges for you...

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